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What are fake doctors excuses & the numerous motives people have for using them?

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How do people use Fake Doctors Notes?

Doctors excuses also have much more serious uses. Many employers require an official excuse for paid sick days. So a doctors notes for work lets the worker claim the paid sick day without having to pay for the medical visit.

It’s certainly a dishonest action, but what’s the alternative? For many people, the cost of a doctor visit is a day’s pay, so the visit simply offsets the benefit from the paid sick day.

Another common use for doctors notes templates is at school, and it might surprise you that it’s the parents who are using them. Due to tighter financial aid regulations, kids are only getting as little as three days off and the schools are monitoring them closely. Penalties include detention, weekend work, summer school and, in the worst case, being left back. DR notes help avoid those problems.

Fake Doctors Note!

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Purchased and free doctors notes are replicas of actual notes that medical professionals use to provide people excuses. At the simplest, a free doctor note is a great setup for a prank or April Fools’ Day. It might also be used as a prop in a homemade movie, a student film or even a school play. Some people even frame them to hang in a bar or man-cave as a curiosity or conversation starter.

fake doctor note sample

Motive is a matter of perspective. To some, anyone who uses blank doctors notes is being dishonest, lazy and cheap. The truth, however, is much more complex than that. Most people who use a fake doctors note do so because they see no other way out of an extremely burdensome situation. Using a replica note is a victimless “crime” that can make everyone happy will very little cost and fuss.

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Of course, there is the very real concern about ramifications. Using a note for insurance purposes or for claiming federal compensation is very serious indeed. At that point, it becomes much less a Robin Hood story and simply a case of someone cheating and stealing. Such actions carry serious penalties. In addition to financial penalties, such actions can earn time in jail or prison and a permanent record.

Top 3 websites on the net offering doctors excuses and how they differ

Numerous websites online specialize in doctor's notes. The three basic types of websites are those that provide free doctors notes, those that sell doctors notes templates, and those that are purely informational. In this article, we’ll look at all three types as well provide an actual site that excels in that niche.

Free Fake Doctor's Note?

Sites that let you download a free doctor note are particularly popular because no one wants to pay if they don’t have to. The problem with such free sites is that you have to be very careful about quality. Often, the quality is very low. Another important consideration is customization. If the fake doctors note is presented as is with no space to personalize it, it may not be very useful. One of the best sites online is Registration is free and all of the documents are available for free download.

Downloading a Fake Doctors Note...

Paid Doctors Excuse Notes
The alternative to a free doctors note is paying for it, and the advantage of paying is that you get a much greater selection and a much higher quality doctor's note template. The downside is cost. The important thing when shopping for a paid doctors note template is that you shop around. The prices tend to fluctuate a lot, and if you’re not careful, you can overpay a lot. If you’re going to pay top dollar, then you’re much better off buying a software suite that has the built-in tools to create notes and other official documents. A popular place to buy is

Fake Doctors Note Information Sites

There are two kinds of resource websites that specialize in notes. The first kind helps people detect fake notes, and it does that with checklists, guidelines, articles and blog posts. The other type of site is more positive, and it focuses on how to pick notes for purchase and how to customize so that they seem authentic. Keep in mind that it is often the smallest touches that make a note seem authentic. These sites have articles on signatures, messages and how to weather the note properly. A popular site is, which even allows its readers to vote on the various notes.