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Different kinds of printable doctors notes and how they vary...

We live in a world of heavy regulation, and a doctors excuse may be all that stands between a hefty penalty and us. There is a wide range of doctors notes to choose from, and perhaps the biggest problem is determining which one is right for you.

The most popular type of note is the free doctors note because nobody wants to pay if there’s no need to. The downside to a free note is that they tend to provide limited options. You may have a limited selection, and those notes probably don’t have a great deal of room for customization. The alternative is a paid note, which provides you a much greater selection and many more options, at a cost.

Some doctors excuses are vanity notes, also called gag notes. These are used for pranks and as props. They look fairly accurate, but they’re not intended to hold up under intense scrutiny. The opposite of the vanity note is the replica note. A quality replica note will hold up to scrutiny. In fact, these doctors notes templates are the same ones used to print out the actual pads that the doctors use.

Another type of fake doctors note is editable, which is the alternative to as is. As is notes are often quite nice, but they have no room for editing. The problem there is that it’s usually the personal touches that sell a doctors note best. With an editable note, it’s possible to add your name, the employer’s name, if necessary, and you can even add a message that matches the details of your story.

When we refer to a doctor's excuse, we often talking about a note from our personal doctor, but there are also a wide range of other options. Sometimes these other options fit the scenario better. If we don’t want to feign being sick, a dentist’s note is an alternative. Funeral notes can work for work, school and airlines, and people tend to be hesitant to question them. A jury duty note is another superb alternative, but you may not want to use it if there’s a real chance you might be called for jury duty.