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Probable outcomes associated with the use of printable doctors notes

With a doctor excuse in hand, you’re prepared to enjoy an excused cost-free day out of work or school. And then it hits you: What if I’m caught? Using a fake doctor note is usually a victimless “crime,” but it may not feel that way if you’re deception is uncovered. Before you take the plunge, take a moment or two to consider the possible consequences. Don’t make a decision that you’ll regret for a long time to come.

If you’re a student, the good news is that there is usually little risk to using fake doctors notes. Although it’s a bit of a gray area, schools aren’t really allowed to ask for them. Technically, there’s not even any need for you to comply. The worst case here is that they find out and expel you. But that type of punishment is reserved for frequent offenders, and you probably have recourse to fight it.

A college or university is another animal entirely. Public schools request doctors notes because it’s one of the ways they receive financial aid. Colleges receive financial aid too, but it’s structured differently and it doesn’t rely on your attendance. A college environment generally has no right to ask for a note and they almost never will, unless you put yourself into that situation with another lie.

If using a doctors notes for work, you can’t face legal ramifications. Of course, they can fire you. Even if they didn’t have a right to the note in the first place, your deception is grounds for dismissal, so keep that in mind. Keep in mind that people treat fraud seriously in this post-9/11 world. An employee who suspects that you’ve used fake doctor notes will likely fire you on the spot.

Some people use fake dr notes for insurance purposes. Please keep in mind that there are laws governing such actions, and there can be steep penalties involved. In some cases, it can be viewed as insurance fraud and then you can be prosecuted for criminal fraud, which is no small thing. Even if it does not involve serving time, the financial penalties can be significant.

Prepare for the worst is a motto that you should live by when using printable doctors notes. Before you fake a doctor's note, think long and hard about the risk. Don’t take one just because the negative outcome seems unlikely.